Get involved

Be part of the campaign to end loneliness and social isolation for people aged 50 and over. Work with us to get our message out there and see how Ageing Better Middlesbrough can help you. As a valuable part of the community, we think you, your group or organisation could benefit from hearing more about our work and the ways you can get involved and make a difference.

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved…

Become a member of Ageing Better Middlesbrough

It’s free to join! We have two membership schemes you can choose to join. Individual and Community Membership.

Individual membership

This is for members of the community to join and receive information about activities and opportunities to get involved in, as well as good news stories about older people in Middlesbrough.

Click here to join as an individual member

Community membership

This is for groups, clubs, societies, organisations or businesses. You’ll receive a monthly e-bulletin about the work we are doing and have your events, activities, groups and work shared with the rest of the community.

Our membership is growing – be a part of something big.

  • You will hear more about the people and organisations involved and the work Ageing Better Middlesbrough is doing in our monthly e-bulletin. We will let you know about opportunities to get involved with and how you can link to our programme and make a real difference to older people’s lives.
  • Benefit from linking into Ageing Better Middlesbrough’s wider efforts and pool of resources. We are working towards helping expand, improve and upskill community volunteer led groups and organisations.
  • Tell us about you so we can let people in Middlesbrough know about the things you’re doing. Send us details about your groups, events, activities or organisations and we will share these through newsletters, social media and on our new website.
  • Send us your news and photos of events and activities that show how you are connecting and empowering older people in your community and we‘ll feature these in our newsletters and on our website.

Click here to join as a Community Member

Working in Partnership

Ageing Better Middlesbrough works in partnership with other third sector, private and statutory organisations. Its success depends on its connections and reach into the community and the people and organisations who understand and support older people in their daily lives. Please contact us to find out how you can work with us.

Over 50? Work with us!

Ageing Better Middlesbrough is committed to ensuring that older people lead and shape the programme as it develops. We believe in meaningful involvement and that comes in many varieties. We are interested in working with people who are committed to the values which underpin meaningful involvement. We are always working with older people in a range of formal and informal ways, providing opportunities to get involved and have a voice. Please contact us if you know of someone that might be interested.

Ageing Better Middlesbrough Action Group (ABMAG)

ABMAG is made up of older people in Middlesbrough and its role is to facilitate the engagement of older people in the planning and decision making processes of Ageing Better Middlesbrough. It provides information, advice and guidance on the design, delivery and evaluation of Ageing Better Middlesbrough. If you would like more information or know someone who would like to get involved, contact Kay Davies on 01642 257034 or email:

Ageing Better Middlesbrough Members Newsletter

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved in creating the members’ newsletter contact: Hannah or Rebecca on 01642 257034 or email:

Other ways to work with us

Local Research

Teesside University is leading the local research about Ageing Better Middlesbrough. As well as their own activity, they want people directly involved to be able to investigate the things they think are important in their local area, supported by a programme of training and mentoring from University staff.

The University also wants to collect as many stories as possible from people about changes they have experienced. These might be about how connected people feel, how their capacity has changed, or how much influence they feel they have. Stories can come from any source, providing the person at the heart of the story is willing to share it.

All of the research will inform Ageing Better Middlesbrough as it goes forward, and assess how far it goes in achieving its ambitions. If you want to know more or to get involved, contact: Andrea Mountain, Research Assistant, email: