Sensory impairment, loneliness and social isolation

Our Action Group member Geoff wanted to share this with our members and others to highlight how people with sight, hearing loss or disabilities are more likely to feel socially isolated and lonely.

Geoff writes:

“Do any readers have any problems linked to any of these issues? I wear hearing aids and still struggle with hearing people speaking in crowded rooms or meetings.

“Sometimes I feel excluded even when I ask people to speak up and get annoyed when people ask me to turn my hearing aid up.

“It is about time hidden disabilities are brought to public attention and acted on.

“Perhaps we should have more induction loop systems for those with hearing problems or signers , Braille for blind or partially sighted people? Greater help for those with physical and learning disabilities.

“I think all professionals who work with the public should have to be aware through courses of the varying issues people have . What do you think?”

Let us know if these issues affect you too and you want to share your story.

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