Ageing Better Middlesbrough has lots of new members

Cheery smiles, conversation and good food welcome regular customers to The Lunch Club every Thursday at Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind in The Community Hall, 90-92 Lothian Road.

191 older people living in and around Middlesbrough received their Welcome packs through their letterboxes in January 2016.

Some of those members also received the very first issue of our Ageing Better Middlesbrough newsletter and got the chance to read articles about interesting groups happening locally such as Sporting Chance, friendly lunch clubs and Over 60’s groups. Included in the newsletter was a calendar of groups being run in a variety of venues across the town and information on how to stay safe and warm in the winter. 

New members are joining all the time. It is easy and free. Just ring or email Sarah Jane and Rebecca.

Tel: 01642 257034 email:

Or click on “Become a Member” and fill in the form.

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