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More than 40 of our members were invited to attend an event in Jean’s Kitchen at Dundas Indoor Market on 20th October 2016 following on from our successful Older People’s Day celebrations at the Dorman Museum earlier this month, which gathered 60 of our members together!

The members enjoyed chatting over tea and cake. The aim of the event was to bring together members to meet new people and re-connect with friends that they hadn’t seen for years. People shared their memories of Middlesbrough over tea and cake. Volunteers and staff from Ageing Better Middlesbrough were on hand to tell people more about the range of support and activities that the programme can offer.

Member Mary Waite (71), who attended the event with her Husband John, said: “You feel better by mixing with other people, nobody is too old to make new friends. Have a go, try something at least once because not everything will be for you but you will meet new people. It’s been great hearing other people’s memories of Middlesbrough.”

The group ‘Memories of Middlesbrough’ came along with a range of photos, sparking interesting conversations about Middlesbrough’s long and distinguished past. Author, Araf Chohan, popped along and signed some copies of his book ‘Britain in Old Photographs: Middlesbrough’ that fans had brought along with them.

ABM Member Event at Jeans Cafe (4)   ABM Member Event at Jeans Cafe (6)

Some of our members said they enjoyed:

“Meeting new people.”

“Talking to other people and getting their view of different things.”

“Talking and reminiscing about Middlesbrough.”

“Great listening to other people’s experiences.”

Dundas Indoor Market Manager David Harris worked with Ageing Better Middlesbrough and Jean Hall, owner of Jean’s Kitchen, to stage the get together. It’s now set to become a regular event from the end of January 2017.

He says: “Dundas Shopping Centre is a community oriented shopping centre which has always tried to support all people in their shopping, and the staff at Jean’s Kitchen have long been on hand to provide practical help and advice if any shoppers become confused or need assistance.

“At present the centre, its staff and the traders are working towards gaining ‘Dementia Friendly’ status, so we were delighted to host what I hope will be the first of many events in conjunction with Ageing Better Middlesbrough.

“In fact we are already planning a ‘Pop-Up Day’ on Friday 25th November when Ageing Better Middlesbrough and three other charities that support older people locally will take one of our market units to raise awareness of the services, support and activities that are available in the town as well as launching the Weekly Café Meet ups.

Sarah Jane Ashcroft, Network Development Manager at Ageing Better Middlesbrough says: “We are very pleased to work with the Dundas Shopping Centre as part of our mission to inspire people aged 50 and over to have a happy, healthy, active and a more socially connected later life.”

We asked members what they ‘used to do’ and what they ‘do now’… Some members said:

I used to… be an electrician/mental health worker. And now I… am happily retired and more busy than before

I used to… work and no time for anything else. And now I… have hobbies and more time for my friends

I used to… after bringing my family up I used to work till I retired for Thomas Cook doing business travel. And now I … go out as much as possible. I do voluntary work at JCUH one morning a week. I am also connected with a church and a knitting group. go out for lunch with friends once a month.

I used to… work full time. And now I… have me time

ABM Member Event at Jeans Cafe (9) ABM Member Event at Jeans Cafe (8)

Here are some more photos from the event. With special thanks to Photographer Dave Charnley for taking some fabulous pictures at the event!






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