Myra – my artistic creations

Middlesbrough resident Myra Small has come up with a fantastic way of beating the lockdown blues...

Middlesbrough resident Myra Small has come up with a fantastic way of beating the lockdown blues.

The 81 year old, who is a self-confessed lover of art, has been busy creating wonderful paintings, making boxes for chocolate gifts, completing crochet patterns and designing home-made cards.

“I love creating various bits and pieces. She said.

“I live in a local facility for older people, and since I’ve been here I have helped to support others by hosting art and craft classes.

“The sense of achievement from others is great to see, and it’s what keeps me going too.”

As Myra hasn’t been able to host activities or mingle with friends during the Covid-19 pandemic, she still thought of a unique way of reaching out to people… by making them all a unique Easter card.

“It was just a small token to cheer my friends up while they were stuck in their rooms. She said.

“I got some lovely feedback. It helps me get thorough the day and it helps to cheer them up, so it’s a win win situation really.”

One of Myra’s beautiful paintings

Normally Myra would be out and about at the shops or visiting friends and family, and as she admits, it hasn’t been easy on her, but those close by have been a saving grace.

“I’ve got 2 sons, a daughter, 8 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. It’s been difficult not seeing them and I miss the simple things like giving them a hug, but the ladies where I live all help each other, so that’s a blessing.

“I’m in the high risk category so I’ve been told to stay at home until things change.

“However, I know my love of art will get me through the tough times. Putting a brush to a canvas or a pencil to a piece of paper is an immediate remedy for me. It takes me to a whole new world.

“I’d encourage anyone to get creative while at home, no matter what you like doing. Once it’s finished it gives you a real sense of pride.

“You could even pass your creations to others as gifts when this is all over.”


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