Lunar Late Lunch

Over 45 members joined us for our spring Lunar Late Lunch at Ormesby Hall on Thursday (6th June), enjoying a leisurely stroll through the grounds, followed by a lovely picnic lunch.

Members came together to enjoy an evening walk through the blooming gardens of Ormesby Hall, and were lucky enough to have a sneak peek inside the classic Georgian mansion that was once home to the Pennyman family. The evening culminated in everyone coming together to enjoy a picnic, whilst getting to know each other.

The evening was enjoyed by all, here’s what our members had to say.

“ This is great, so different. I’ve lived in Middlesbrough for over 40 years and I’ve never been to Ormesby Hall”

“Great night.  I’ve enjoyed myself and got out of the house”

“Such a good idea, a nice walk before bedtime, I’m hoping to sleep a bit better tonight. The picnic boxes were spot on. Thank you”

“Great turn out, nice to see so many people having a good evening together, the grounds are lovely.”

“I haven’t been here for years, I had forgotten how nice it is. I will be bringing my friend for a coffee”

To find out more information or to book a place on our taster sessions please call the team on  01642  061019 or you can visit our taster sessions page by clicking here. 


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