Learning new skills with the shedders

We spent the day at Middlesbrough’s Men’s Shed at Frade and the shedders told us how they want to encourage other men to get involved.

Bob Hughes, 66 from Acklam, has been coming to the shed for over a year after becoming a member of Ageing Better Middlesbrough. He moved to Middlesbrough from Scotland in 1975 and is an electrician by trade.

Bob said: “I love to up cycle furniture so the Men’s Shed is great, there is usually around five of us here every week and there is no stress. I can take my grandkids to school before coming here too.

“You get your own bench here. It is a great feeling to have your own bench. The shed has all the tools you need and I am constantly learning.

“When I see what I have made going out into the show room at Frade it re-establishes that I can do it. There is a lot of stigma about going into second hand shops. I say rubbish. It is the way to go. It is not broken – we have restored it.”

58-year-old Jamsheed moved to Middlesbrough from Iran six years ago.

Jamsheed runs the Men’s Shed and says: “I worked in a factory making furniture in Iran. I am teaching carpenters skills for the people here.”

Christopher Northend, 66 from Guisborough, who has recently joined Ageing Better, said: “My sister-in-law is a member and she goes on walks with Ageing Better. She filled out the form with me and I called Rebecca at Ageing Better who told me about the Men’s Shed.

“Now I am here, learning new skills, enjoying it and will be coming back.

“Jamsheed is magic. Great guy. He creates the atmosphere here.”

Shaun Khan, store manager at Frade, said: “We want to get people out instead of being stuck in the house.

“We have had around 27 men at the shed since it opened and have saved a lot from being isolated. We hope men can feel part of a team again.”

The men meet Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm. If you want to join the Men’s Shed at Frade you can go along or call Shaun on 01642 245927


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