Geoff’s lockdown diary

Regular contributor Geoff Kerr Morgan lets us know how he has been getting on during lockdown...

Our regular newsletter contributor and well-known Ageing Better Middlesbrough member Geoff Kerr Morgan has written to let us know how he has been getting on while staying at home.

During this Covid-19 lockdown it has been difficult to find different things to occupy my mind and even have some fun, so these are just some of the things I have been doing to stay positive and not become a couch potato.

To keep myself fit initially, I was going for isolated walks along the Berwick Hills Nature Reserve, around 2.5 miles. Now I walk around my garden x amount of laps a day. I also use my staircase for exercise. Sometimes I run on the spot or dance to music.

I find reading quite relaxing and helpful and have been studying some history books through the day and reading novels on an evening. I am not a great television lover but found some really good programmes to watch on BBC I player, Inspector Montalbano and Vienna Blood come to mind.

Also, I use YouTube which is like having my own television channel watching things I like, full speedway meetings and documentaries and more. I have recently bought a number of DVD’s (ordered online) and I have enjoyed watching them immensely.

A few more things that have kept me sane are listening to music (Pop or Classical depending upon my mood) and keeping in touch with people – which has been so necessary to lift me up.

Social media has been very important to keep in contact and also the telephone.

The Thursday night clapping for NHS workers has been amazing. My neighbours have been brilliant. We chat (from a distance) on a Thursday night and have a laugh. I think this has brought us closer together.

I hope everyone stays safe; I look forward to getting back into my social activities very soon.


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