Geoff’s Diary

An update from Ageing Better Middlesbrough member, Geoff Kerr Morgan...

Hello everyone, hope you are well.  

Over the past few months, I have been trying to keep myself occupied and busy as I’m sure all of you have.  

I’ve been enjoying both indoor and outdoor activities, which has really helped me.  

My badminton and table tennis groups have temporarily stopped but as an alternative I have been on a few socially distanced walks across Middlesbrough.  

It was great getting out to see friends, socialise and chat with peopleI went to the Charwood Kinship Carers group at Thorntree. I only popped in to make a donation and they asked if I could volunteer the following week to help distribute food to those in need.  

If you get the chance to volunteer, please do. It’s a really rewarding experience. I enjoyed every minute helping the community out. It gave me a real sense of pride.  

I’ve also been taking part in Egyptology Middlesbrough and the University of the Third Age’s History Group – both of which are really interesting. 


To get in touch with Egyptology Middlesbrough, you can visit their Facebook page or call: 01642 249971.  

You can also contact the University of the Third Age by contacting Neil on: 01642 590439.  



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