Special Moments as Photography Students show their best work

Story by Ageing Better Middlesbrough member, Francis Annett MBE

After that enjoyable visit to the college and making some photograms, I was so happy today (19 June) to view the final show of work by the photography students.  I attach a note of my visit today:

Special Moments as Photography Students show their best work.

Earlier this year a group of students welcomed me and other members of ABM to their studios in the Cleveland College of Art and Design.

With the help of Curtis and Rhys I had a great time creating ‘photograms’ of small but precious objects that hold special memories.

In June the college held their annual exhibition of students’ work and I was able to see what they and others in their group have achieved for their final examinations.

Well done to all of them for their colourful and clever photographs that are so varied and interesting.

Curtis Colin Farrier said of his work:

‘The human form showing you the people as honest and interesting as possible’.

(Apologies for the annoying reflection from the glass – I must study harder!)

Rhys David said, ‘This is my project on social housing inspired by Sirrka-Lisa Konttinen.’

Congratulations to all students on the course and good luck for your future. Many thanks for these special moments and memories!

Best wishes also to the College, which is soon to change its name to

The Northern School of Art.

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