Fitness Classes and Friendship

61 year old Sheila Mead tells us how Aging Better Middlesbrough's outreach work has helped her.


Before an introduction to our Outreach Worker Bridget, Sheila Mead felt like life was a bit of a struggle.

The 61-year-old from Area, Middlesbrough, did not want to leave the house, her confidence was low and she was not sure who to turn to.

Sheila looked for help from Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind’s Living Life service who suggested she speak to someone from Ageing Better Middlesbrough.

Sheila said: “Meeting Bridget for the first time was like a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. She was so welcoming and kind. It was nice to have someone I could express myself with and let it all out.”

Bridget made regular visits to Sheila, where they spoke about her past, how she aimed to move forward and the kind of things she likes to do. They also worked together on building her confidence.

Sheila said: “I did not like mixing with people, but thanks to Bridget I’m a lot more confident. I attend fitness classes now, and that also gave me the confidence to go swimming, walk the dogs on my own, and pop to the shops on my own.

“People know my name now too. I stop and talk to friends in the street and ask how they are, which is something I would never have done previously.

“Ageing Better Middlesbrough has opened so many doors for me. Most of the activities are on my doorstep as well, so it’s easy to get to them.

“I’d be absolutely stuck without Bridget.”

If you would like to know more about the support we offer individuals please call us on 01642 257030.

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