Egyptology is here to stay

The Egyptology Taster sessions started over a year ago, since then there has been a lot of interest in the subject and now with support and equipment from Ageing Better Middlesbrough the group will continue to meet each month.

It is the only Egyptology Group running in Middlesbrough. Each person will pay a small charge to cover the cost of the session.

The group recently went on a visit to the Oriental Museum in Durham to see the Egyptology Exhibition.  

They are very enthusiastic and keen to expand their knowledge of ancient Egypt. The sessions will run on a Saturday morning once a month at Acklam Community Hub & Library on Acklam Road. For more information please contact Rebecca Bough (Tutor) 07966161481 or email 

Rebecca said: “Egyptology is the highlight of my month, presenting different topics has been pleasure and something I look forward to. I am delighted to be working with the group, thank you Ageing Better for making it all possible”

Comments from the group:  

“It just improves all the time, I really enjoy learning new things and the quiz at the end of each session is a bit of fun and tests what you have learnt”  

“I never thought I would get as hooked as I am, there is so much to learn and Rebecca brings it to life her enthusiasm really comes across”  

“I like that we are involved in whats covered in the session, Rebecca asks what we want to do next time and then people put suggestions forward”  

Linda Ford, Community Projects Officer, said: “It’s taken a long time to get the group to this point, but I’m confident that they will go on independently of Ageing Better Middlesbrough. They are very friendly and welcoming and  also aware that some people coming along for the first time may need a little bit of support. Its sad to be saying goodbye but I’m very proud of them.”

We are proud that Ageing Better Middlesbrough has played a key part in establishing the town’s only Egyptology group – something that started as a taster session more than one year ago.

Thanks to support from Community Projects Officer Linda Ford the group will now continue to meet monthly.

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