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Resident tech expert Digital David shares some of the best 'lockdown links' you can access...

Since we have all been staying at home since lockdown and many of you are having to shield for at least 12 weeks, being able to access online services has never been so important. 

Video calling friends and family is helping us all feel closer to our loved ones and ordering groceries online is saving people from having to venture outside and stand in long queues for the shops. 

As well as this, there are lots of other resources online to help pass the time, keep you entertained, and give your grey matter a good work out.  

I have put together some links that I hope you will find useful. 


. You can find lots of local and national news and updates on the government website:

. The latest news and updates on the coronavirus pandemic can be found

. The National Cyber Security Centre for information and advice on scams is a great site. You can also report scams directly to them by emailing:

. helps you stay informed about what’s going on in your neighbourhood.  It has a help map, crime/lost and found features, local businesses updates, a for sale marketplace and online learning.

. lets you register for free and get access to courses which help you with basic computer/tablet skills, video calling, online shopping, staying safe online, and much more. When you register just use Centre Code 2998 The Hope Foundation.

. For exercise and wellbeing tips, has lots of handy guides and demonstrations. Just search for ‘live well’, ‘strength exercises’, and ‘exercise for seniors’.

. Lots of great entertainment can be found at:, including a list of free online boredom busting resources.

. Do you like animals? Wildlife live cameras from all over the world can be found at This site also includes highlight videos and live feeds to the NASA Space Station and the Northern Lights.

. shares a collection of crossword puzzles from newspapers all over the world, so there’s plenty to keep you thinking here!


If you haven’t already, then pick up that tablet, switch on the computer and get exploring the many wonders that the online world holds.  

These links will help get you started but who knows where you will end up.  

One minute you could be having a video chat to family in Australia, and the next you’ll be watching a LiveCam feed of Great Horned Owls in America or a virtual tour of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The possibilities are endless! 


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