Cynthia the craft queen

79 year old Cynthia Frank from Acklam has been knitting lots of items for local residents...

79 year old Cynthia Frank from Acklam has voluntarily took it upon herself to knit lots of items for her local community.

However these weren’t just any items, these pieces were focused on celebrating NHS key workers across the country. (Particularly the ‘Clap for Carers’ movement)

It all started when Cynthia’s friend’s daughter gave her a pattern for a teddy bear in doctors clothing.

So, being the avid knitter she is, she decided to get to work on it.

“I’ve always knitted and I’m a creative person at heart. She said.

“I’ve always made my own Christmas and birthday cards and I love getting creative, so this was an easy enough project to get my teeth in to.

“Once I’d finished the pattern, I thought it was so cute that I wanted to do more.

“In the beginning, they were just for myself, but when I noticed that people were displaying items in their windows for the NHS, I thought I’d knit for people who live close to me as well.

Knitted Doctors and Nurses

“I looked on the internet for more knitting patterns, and came across dolls in nurse’s uniforms, teddy doctors and even rainbows of all sizes, so I decided to purchase them.

“Once the items were knitted, I handed them out to children near me to display in their windows as they clapped for the NHS.”

Over the lockdown period, Cynthia has now knitted 79 individual pieces all together, and is really happy at the reaction she has received when passing them on.

“People we’re thrilled. They’d never seen anything like them before. She said.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the comments I’ve received from local children and their parents. It also gives me a sense of pride when I walk down the street and see them in neighbour’s windows.

The craft connoisseur says that she is normally a very active person, and that she is missing going to the shops, for strolls with her walking group, and attending her local social club.

She also admits however, that lockdown has had its benefits.

“I’m normally out in the car, in shopping centres, or taking part in activities at St Mary’s Church Hall. I never sit and watch television through the day, I’m always up and about – I can’t sit still.

“However being in the house has been nice at times. I’ve had calls from a lot of people who wouldn’t normally call and there are a lot more people checking to see if I’m OK – including Alison from Ageing Better Middlesbrough.

“I don’t have any family, so having people get in touch has been really nice.”


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