Members show cinematic pizzazz at Bollywood Dancing

Our members couldn’t keep the smile off their faces at our recent Bollywood Dancing taster session.

The session held at the Hindu Cultural Centre in North Ormesby was led by Geeta.

Bollywood dancing is beautiful to watch and exciting to learn. Dramatic facial expressions and cinematic pizzazz means anyone, dance enthusiast or not, can follow the story.

Watch members at the session here: 

Geeta kept all our members involved with the story of each song, which was great for everyone to understand the dance moves.

Here’s what members said:

“I didn’t sleep much last night because I was so excited about doing this today. I love dancing and this is brilliant thank you.”

“I’ve used my arms and hands a lot in the dancing which is good for my arthritis.”

“Everyone should try it, at least once it’s so much fun and a good workout too.”

Here’s another video of our members enjoying their Bollywood dancing: 

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