ABM launches new film!

We’ve teamed up with first year TV and Film Production students at Teesside University. They have created a film to highlight loneliness and social isolation in Middlesbrough.

The students worked with us and older people from our advisory group to develop this short film:

Rob, student said, “My Auntie suffered from loneliness so I could relate to this project. When doing the research for the project the statistics around loneliness and isolation were hard hitting.”

Kareem, student said, “We felt the older demographic doesn’t get looked at enough.”

At Ageing Better Middlesbrough we want to inspire older people to live more active, happy and healthier lives. We wanted this film to highlight the issues around loneliness and isolation and let people know how our project can help.

Rob said, “It’s disheartening seeing older people swept under the carpet when they have lots to offer the community!”

Arron, student agreed saying, “As a director it made it easier to work with the older people on the day as they were great and made our filming fun.’

Sarah Jane Ashcroft, Network Development Manager at Ageing Better Middlesbrough, “We are very excited about our new film and are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the students. Their enthusiasm for the project was great. They met with us and older people from our advisory group to plan and develop the film. The brief we set the students was a difficult one and we think they’ve done a great job pulling it all together.

“The film highlights the different ways Ageing Better Middlesbrough is working to reduce loneliness and isolation, from 1:1 support to joining our free membership scheme and receiving information about what’s happening locally.”

Rob said, “The older people and the Ageing Better staff were very passionate about the project and the best client! Having this as a final project brought together our first year, using what we’ve learnt.”

Richard, student said, “I liked having the experience to work with a real client and make something we can be proud of.”

Clare Fletcher, Placement and Project Officer at the School of Arts and Media “We often look for engaging and interesting organisations and briefs to help develop the student’s professional skills and experience. We were delighted Ageing Better Middlesbrough wanted to work with our students on this project. The students really engaged well with the brief and the film they have produced is both emotive and very effective. More importantly the experience of making the film I think has had a real effect on the students on a number of levels and this is brilliant to see. We are really proud of all of them and thank the team at Ageing Better Middlesbrough for the opportunity and the support they have offered the students.”

Arron said, “We feel more confident after working with a real client.”

We would like to thank the students and staff at Teesside University for producing this film and helping us raise awareness about loneliness and isolation in Middlesbrough.

TU students for website

L-R: Richard Fascia, Arron Bettley, Kareem Milligan, Rob Kitchen

Below are the links to the students work:

Kareem’s Links: Disconnected (short film)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQgpOEnUUnY

IamKJ (Youtube Channel)- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAX3n-1lQIWvVGZnENAo8JQ

Arron’s links: arronbettleyphotography (instagram)- https://www.instagram.com/arronbettley/

Arron Bettley (Youtube Channel)- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBVLwGzCCYm_LINyH3t97Gw

Rob’s Link: RobJamesBaker (Youtube Channel)- https://www.youtube.com/user/RobJamesBaker/featured

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