A lot of knitting with no sign of quitting

The 'Crafty Capers' group from Marton have been busy knitting for the NHS...

Ageing Better Middlesbrough member Sylvia Ross and the ‘Crafty Capers’ group from Marton have been busy knitting over the past couple of weeks.

The group, who were given funding from our Age Friendly Fund for materials, have kindly created teddy bears, hearts, twiddlemuffs, and over 200 comfort and scrub bags for patients at James Cook University Hospital.

Sylvia said: “We have all been keeping each others spirits up by chatting on WhatsApp as we knit from our own homes. It’s been very therapeutic.

Items given to James Cook Hospital.

“I’d like to thank the ladies for carrying on in these difficult circumstances and still thinking of others.

“The ladies have done so much for the community already, so to carry on during these uncertain times has been fantastic.

“I’d also like to thank Ageing Better Middlesbrough, because without the donation, we’d not have had the materials to create such wonderful items.”

Ageing Better Middlesbrough’s Age Friendly Officer Anya Deputat, who keeps in regular contact with the groups, said: “Its fantastic when people still find a way to get together, especially to work on projects like this.

“Most of our members are obviously in high risk groups and must therefore follow more stringent rules than others, so its lovely to see that they are using technology to speak to each other and chat about their mutual love of knitting.

“It’s at times like this when kindness really matters, and I’m sure that staff and patients at the hospital are overwhelmed with the kindness of groups like Crafty Capers.”


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