Making a referral

If you know someone over 50 who may be lonely and isolated, you can contact us to make a referral into our Specialist Support Team.

You can also help people find out more about their community and ways to get involved. Contact our Community Development team and become a member of Ageing Better Middlesbrough for free!

Making a referral

Specialist Support:

We work with people to understand the reasons that have led to them to feeling lonely and isolated so we can best support them move forward in their lives. We spend time getting to know their needs, skills and abilities and offer a range of different help. Together, we’ll decide with the person which type/types of support would most help them to feel less lonely and isolated.

  • We offer face to face support, providing emotional and practical help, information and advice so that people feel they can better manage and feel more in control of their lives.
  • We offer specialist counselling to people over 50 who struggle to cope with difficult thoughts, feelings and past experiences, which may have led to them feeling lonely or isolated. We build people’s confidence, enabling them to take up opportunities to receive counselling in a way that feels comfortable to them and suits their needs.

Referring to Specialist Support

Please contact us on the details below and we’ll get in touch with the person you’re referring.  We will work together with the person to understand more about them and how we can help. Together, we can decide what kind of support would best suit them.

Contact: Specialist Support Team
Phone: 01642 257030  or complete the Referral Form here.

Community Development

There are several ways we are helping older people to get involved in their community and stay connected to other people. We’re building the opportunities on offer for older people in Middlesbrough to use and share their strengths, skills and experience with others.

Digital Inclusion:

We want all older people to feel confident in using digital technology and better connected to on-line resources. We can visit people at home or in a community venue and help them get the most from their tablet, smart phone or computer. Please contact:

Name: Martin Jameson
Phone: 01642 232220           
Mobile No:
07913 635508

Community Action:

We are working to increase the awareness and understanding of loneliness and isolation and to help people gain confidence to take part in community action to tackle these issues. If you know someone who’s passionate about making a difference to the place they live in, and would like to get involved, please contact:

Name: John Atkinson
Phone: 01642 249300
Mobile No: 07954301364

Community Projects:

We’re increasing the number and variety of community activities/groups available to older people, including ensuring activities/groups are accessible, well promoted and inclusive. We work with communities, but prioritise older people at risk of loneliness and isolation. If you know someone who wants support, information or advice on any aspect of creating and running a community group please contact:

Name: Linda Ford
Phone: 01642 232220
Mobile No: 07981203997

Ageing Better Middlesbrough Membership:

Join Ageing Better Middlesbrough and discover the wide range of activities, events, groups and opportunities that your community has to offer. It’s free!

When you join Ageing Better Middlesbrough, you’ll receive information the way you want it – by post, email, Facebook, Twitter or direct from the Ageing Better Middlesbrough website.

We will find and share with you information about community activities, events and groups that are happening near you. You can promote and share activities, events and groups that you enjoy too with other members. You can find out more about ways you can become involved in your community. You can read good news stories celebrating older people in Middlesbrough who are challenging stereotypes and inspiring others.

Become a member here.

For more information about membership please contact:

Name: Hannah Warburton & Rebecca Hughes
Phone: 01642 257034
Mobile No: 07913 635508
Email: or

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