About us

We are a National Lottery Community Funded programme that has £6 million to spend over six years, 2015 to 2021. We find out what works to reduce loneliness and isolation for people who are aged over 50 and live in Middlesbrough.

About us

We are part of a national Ageing Better Programme – a £78 million investment of The National Lottery Community Fund to support people in later life.

We work across Middlesbrough in lots of different ways to help reduce loneliness and isolation in people who are over 50:

  • We inspire older people to keep living their lives how they want to, and to find joy in company and activity.
  • We work one to one with individuals to help them make positive changes to feel less lonely and isolated.
  • We provide specialist mental health support to those who need it.
  • We support older people to use digital technology.
  • We build relationships with representatives from local businesses, charities, care organisations, community venues and groups and the public sector, who are already linked into their communities.
  • We find ways to listen and learn from the diverse range of older people we have met who live here. This includes asylum seekers and refugees, faith communities and BAME populations.

How we work

We co-design our programme with older people, putting their voice at the heart of design, delivery and evaluation.

Co-design is a way of working on issues and solving problems that harness the knowledge and skills of people who lived experience of those issues.

We do this at all levels, from formal workshops and interviews, to conversations with older people at events and activities.

Core Partnership

Ageing Better Middlesbrough is supported and guided by a Core Partnership of local organisations who meet monthly.

The Core Partnership has been in place since November 2013 and members work together to make decisions, steer the development of the programme and provide governance.

Age Friendly Middlesbrough

Our ambition is to make Middlesbrough an Age Friendly Community. We will use the momentum and reputation of the programme so far to achieve this vision.